[Post from the author] Follow the journey: Ce’Marie’s Debut ♥ 12.17.13

“Imagine your child expanding her mind, growing her imagination, and loving reading. Now imagine her exploring all of the possibilities of who she can become. Ce’Marie books offer this and so much more. My name is Raena Rice and I want YOU to join the movement! Visit us at cemarie.info and find us on Facebook. Let your daughter get hooked on reading with Ce’Marie, as we expose the

Best, Long-Kept Secret:

Being Different is the ‘New Black.'”

♥   ♥   ♥

Hellooo Ce’Marie Tribe!

Me llamo Raena Rice, the writer and illustrator of Ce’Marie books. This past Tuesday Ce’Marie made her first debut  ♥  It all took place at the Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara, CA at an expo in which Ce’Marie was introduced through the above elevator pitch that I presented to over 200 attendees! It was an exciting event. With the first book of the series still in process, sneak peeks of a few of the book’s illustrations were integrated into an “All About Ce’Marie” scrapbook. The feedback was positive and inspiring. Below are a couple of pictures showing the set up. This movement is just getting started. Stay tuned, my friends ♥


Ce’Marie ♥


Girls Rock! ♥


Ce’Marie’s Table ♥


Raena interacting with the guests as she tables ♥



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