Good Movie Alert: Happy Feet – Finding Your “Heart Song” (aka voice / gift / passion)

In the movie Happy Feet, baby penguins must find their “heart songs” (i.e. their voice / passion / gift). At the end of the first video clip, the teacher, Ms. Viola, states: “…a penguin without a heart song, is hardly a penguin at all.” So because it’s never been seen before-it must be wrong, right? No. Mumble later proves to us toward the end of the movie that just because something may be out of the norm and as a result make others uncomfortable, that doesn’t make a person (or a penguin in this case) any less than the norm. If you ask me, it actually gives the person an edge. Mumble’s heart song happens to be dancing. He is an adorable little penguin who cannot sing but can certainly dance his little tush off.

Cool Lesson to be Learned: We are all created differently – each of us have a special something(s) that we can contribute to society. Be open to people specialties & differences, you’d be surprised what you can learn ♥


Enter Ce’Marie’s World, where a girl can be a girl. Where a girl can be herself. Where a girl can dare to be different – dare to dream – dare to speak up – and dare to step outside of the box. A world where a girl is valued and loved. Where a girl is creatively free & liberated from judgement. Come join this powerful girl movement that Ce’Marie offers – in a world where a girl is encouraged to live by our motto:  ~  E m b r a c e  YOU  ♥  I n s p i r e  OTHERS  ~

Video Rights Reserved to Warner Bros
Posted on YouTube by WarHeadPL & SimmySlydeJr2


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