Super-WONDERWOMEN? Yes, we are!

Mothers – Daughters – Sisters …

Study this powerful photo. It has a beautiful message. Let’s understand that we are ALL super-WONDERWOMEN – Tall/Short, Big/Small, White/Black, Athlete/Nerd, Single Parent/Married Woman…


How does this photo make you feel? Special in your own, unique way, I hope ♥

Let’s start this New Year off right – I proclaim this year the year of positive affirmations!

Quick Activity: Write down 5 things you love about yourself… Now tape this list to your bathroom mirror or maybe to something more private – like the inside of a journal or your wallet. Wherever you tape it — make sure it’s visible to you at all times or just be sure there’s a garauntee that you’ll see your positive affirmations list at least once a day.

Happy 2014 To ALL The Super-Wonderwomen Out There! #WhatCeMarieIsAllAbout #CeMarie #GreatConfidence #TheNewBlack

“Embrace You. Inspire Others.” ©


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