Back To Junior High School

photo 1

Will Rogers Middle School. Who would’ve thought I’d be back there? Not I. Well, at least not until I had a car load of children to drop off, became a member of their PTA, and stopped by the auditorium for the orchestra concert that hopefully one of my-to-be children will be a part of.

But why was I there? In preparation for Ce’Marie‘s release, I decided to set up an appointment with the counselors of my alma mater to discuss the issues they see on a daily basis from the adolescents there. So on Wednesday, March 12, at 11am, I went on my mission. It was an amazing visit. Even the ride down Ximeno Avenue and 4th Street to get down the hill to the school was an experience. I had not been back to the area in over 12 years. But things seemed to have stayed as they were before; same ol’ pizza parlor on the corner of Ximeno and 4th Street, same ol’ donut shop and adjacent burger joint across the street, even the people in the area seemed to be the offspring of the people I had remembered a good 12-13 years prior. Maybe I was hallucinating. Whatever it was – it seemed like just yesterday I had departed my usual city bus in my red/black/white uniform on Ximeno Ave. & 4th St. to begin my downhill walk to my school.

I gained valuable information and got many questions, and then some, answered. I left with a sense of accomplishment and gave myself a pat on the back for a business meeting well done. I received great feedback from her and it felt amazing. I am so excited to get this book completed! By the time it is done, it will be one of my best works of art. My goal is for it to exceed (or at least closely compete) with my best quality work to-date. I am ready to get it into the little hands of our young female leaders.

The future is bright. Stick around for an amazing adventure.



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