April 30 – Children’s Day | Book Day

Hello friends!

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Yesterday was Children’s Day – Book Day! Did you do anything fun and exciting with your kids yesterday? What did you read with them? What will you be reading with them today? I would love for you to share! Comment below :)


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West Hollywood Public Library website


3 thoughts on “April 30 – Children’s Day | Book Day

  1. I did not that there was such a thing as Book Day. Really? That sounds so cool! My family reads 100 books a week (no kidding). I myself read 25% of that 100. I love books, so I thank you for informing me there is such a thing as Book Day! How did you celebrate?


    • That is awesome! That’s a wonderful thing to be able to say. I love books as well-and I celebrated by making progress on Ce’Marie’s first book of her series. I did some illustrations and some research. I also read a couple chapters each from a fashion history book and a much heavier novel I’ve been reading lately…so I had a good balance. Thank you for commenting. Hope to hear from you again in the near future :)


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