Author & Illustrator of Ce’Marie – Volunteer of the Month!


Yep! That’s me! A Place Called Home (APCH) announced that I am their May ‘Volunteer of the Month’ (it’s a month behind).

I have been volunteering at APCH for less than four months. So it feels good to receive such recognition in such a short amount of time. It’s gratifying yet humbling to know I have made a big enough impression on the organization that the coordinators at APCH decided to honor me with the title.

Someone once told me to “engross yourself so much into what you choose to do that [in that moment, the world around you becomes nonexistent]…” Whether it’s writing and illustrating Ce’Marie, volunteering, working corporate or even blogging, I try to live by that.

Big thanks to APCH for being flexible with me and working with my schedule.


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