We All Need A Little Motivation

As I sit here, under the fan working on la Ce’Marie, my mind starts to wander. I begin to imagine Ce’Marie (my in-progress picture book) complete. Then I go on to imagine it being praised by the critics and received well by parents and educators everywhere, internationally too.

I then imagine actually being able to afford that “studio office” (a sewing & craft studio mixed with a home office) I’ve always dreamed of having and lately salivating over…

I’m excited now–somewhat like Olaf, in the Disney movie Frozen, when he imagined the possibility of experiencing summer for the first time. I’m excited about all the possibilities that finishing my first book could bring. I then imagine being happy, free and eager to freely create products that I believe the Ce’Marie girl and her parents would love and enjoy…. … …

Then just like that….POOF! No more Olaf.

All of those wonderful visions disappear back to where they came from… some would say my imagination while others would say my dreams but I say: my future.

I have faith that my future holds many incredible things for me. I believe that I will conquer every. single. dream and goal of mine. And then some.

Sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of where we want to go in life and how we’ll get there. But we must remember, “it costs something to be worth something.” -PT

So what are your dreams? Have you ever felt so strongly about your vision that you feel in your gut that that vision will in fact be your future? Or maybe that vision has already come into fruition. If there was one word of advice you would offer fellow dream catchers, what would it be?

We all need a little motivation…



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