Lastnight’s Event: “All For The Love of Kids”

Yesterday my friend invited me to the event “All For The Love of Kids”, held in Downtown Los Angeles. It was incredible. The vibe was wonderful. People mingled and ate finger foods as we waited for dinner and the event to begin. We were all there for a greater cause, a cause to raise money for foster children in Los Angeles County and to honor two individuals who have given back tremendously to the foster children of LA. The two honorees were Ms. Tige Charity, from Kids in the Spotlight, and Mr. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, from Skyhook Foundation (and former NBA star — and phenomenal Lakers player).

Not only was the food delicious, but the event itself was packed with excitement. Not a boring moment, which I was grateful for.

Co-anchor on KTLA 5 Morning News, Chris Schauble, welcomed us and introduced each segment of the program. I must say he’s handsome and quite a funny one in person.

Jacob Lusk, finalist from American Idol – Season 10, entertained us with 2 beautiful songs. Boy did he do it!–that guy can definitely sing! I couldn’t stop smiling with joy, witnessing such a talent in-person was really cool.

Dee Hanskin, a former foster youth, shared with us an admirable story of perseverance and hard work. Though he had moved around from house to house a good 12+ times within a short period of time and began acting out as a result of feeling unwanted and alone, Dee decided he wanted more and then began to turn his situation around.

Los Angeles County Supervisor, Michael D. Antonovich elaborated on the importance of helping our Los Angeles foster children have a shot–a fair opportunity like the rest of us.

The honorees, Tige Charity and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gave a short acceptance speech for their award.

Although I didn’t win any gifts from the raffle, I felt good about making a contribution to the cause. Granted my contribution was small, it came from a big heart.

The event succeeded in making me more aware of the needs of foster children. Excellent event.



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