Recap of This Week’s Events

This week was pretty busy. Starting with Tuesday, November 4 – VOTING day!! Did you?


Then there was Thursday November 6. I was the busiest on this day. First, I attended the Small Business Expo at the California Market Center in DTLA. It was a great experience. I interacted with a lot of people and spread Ce’Marie love all through that place! I listened to Bill Walsh, a greatly known business man, attended several helpful business workshops and visited the booths of an array of exhibitors. Fine experience it was.

Later that night, I and a friend headed to Hollywood to attend a networking event called Fly Girls Unite. It was a night filled with fashionable ladies, wine and good conversation. Christina Millian was the honoree of the night.


Friday was a night of fashion. My older brother let me tag along to a friend of his fashion line launch. I enjoyed this event. Beautiful, stylish people, nice clothes, good music and simply a good time with my brother and his girlfriend. It’s good to surround yourself with good-hearted people and where you see yourself in the future.


And that was my week. Until next time…



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