The Process

It’s a little late — 9:15pm here in Southern California. I wanted to quickly share my process and feelings towards writing kid’s lit for the first time…

I wrote about 25 or so pages of Ce’Marie’s new early-middle grade chapter book — that has started sounding more like a novel lol.

The process of writing (and illustrating) my first book continues to be a trial-and-error type project. But it has proven to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve done thus far in my life. It’s keeping me creatively on my toes while also forcing me to venture out of my comfort zone. I have joined an awesome group of writers (of different skill and stages) of which I have to actually articulate clearly what it is that I am doing (and/or trying to do), which is awesome. I’ve been saying for over a year how it’s imperative that I learn and practice better articulating Miss CeCe. So this is a great start. I have went on numerous coffee dates and studiously listened in on the other end of a few phone calls with different people who have aided in one way or another to my progress and goals, like teachers, PhD students, school counselors and several others.

I have been learning a lot about myself, what I’m good at, what I can improve on and what I may be OK at but not the best in. This for me is proving to be a journey of self-discovery, to say the least.

My first 25 pages are good, but there’s room for improvement. I need a clearer, more climatic plot.

Today my lovely brother – thanks Rewo :) purchased The Plot Whisperer Workbook for me and it’ll be here tomorrow since he nicely had it shipped overnight. I look forward to diving in and completing the lessons so that I can get back to writing!

It’s so funny to me that I thought I would never write a novel of any sort — the thought unappealing and irrelevant to me. Yet here I am, not only writing a novel but enjoying it!

Stay tuned for writing lessons I learn from my new book I should be receiving tomorrow :)