Halloween in November


Halloween in November, can you imagine that? I mean if you ask me, I’d tell you all the reasons why Halloween fits perfectly in October…and not just on any day, but the 31st of October. It just seems right. The last day of the scariest-sounding month is, I think, the most spooky, fitting date. Don’t you think? *chuckles to self.

Ok. I digress. I don’t know why the heck I am even convincing myself of Halloween — it’s a day (holiday for some) that I have not celebrated for years, probably because I don’t fit into any of the categories: kids, college students or parents, all of who can appreciate a mask and a treat.

But, there was an important message I received a couple days ago as I was catching up on my prime-time tv shows. The tv show black-ish — yes, I agree, bizarre name that actually almost kept me from tuning in to the new sitcom, but again, I digress — anyway during this tv show one of the character’s made a simple statement. A statement in which I totally agree with and ended up further reflecting upon. Someone on the show (I believe it was the father, not sure) mentioned how,

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Take Off Your Makeup

A beautiful message within a song and video… Check out Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat’s new song “Try”. I’m inspired and moved by it. The song encourages us girls and women to take off our makeup, let down our hair, love what/who we see in the mirror…

Colbie became inspired to do the song and video after growing tired of getting photoshop’d and ‘perfected’ by her team made up of makeup artists, photographers, stylists, etc, so Colbie did something about it.

“We are not alone in our insecurities.” – Colbie Caillat

Leave a comment below… what do you think? Are you OK with going to the grocery store makeup-less? Please share your thoughts



Super-WONDERWOMEN? Yes, we are!

Mothers – Daughters – Sisters …

Study this powerful photo. It has a beautiful message. Let’s understand that we are ALL super-WONDERWOMEN – Tall/Short, Big/Small, White/Black, Athlete/Nerd, Single Parent/Married Woman…


How does this photo make you feel? Special in your own, unique way, I hope ♥

Let’s start this New Year off right – I proclaim this year the year of positive affirmations!

Quick Activity: Write down 5 things you love about yourself… Now tape this list to your bathroom mirror or maybe to something more private – like the inside of a journal or your wallet. Wherever you tape it — make sure it’s visible to you at all times or just be sure there’s a garauntee that you’ll see your positive affirmations list at least once a day.

Happy 2014 To ALL The Super-Wonderwomen Out There! #WhatCeMarieIsAllAbout #CeMarie #GreatConfidence #TheNewBlack

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