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Hello CeCe Book LoVeRs.

After scrolling through my homepage on WordPress, I came across 101 Books post on Philani Dladla, a homeless 24-year-old in Johannesburg, South Africa.

For the love of reading, you must listen to this young man give synopses for his books, belonging to a wide range of genres. I believe in his desire and attempt to share books and literacy knowledge with our youth and random spectators. I believe he would make a great reading ambassador for young people.

His story is inspiring, especially considering he fell victim to drugs and managed to recover from his addiction by reading self-help books. As he sits on street corners, he does not sit there with a sign nor does he sit there with an open hand waiting for change. He sits on the corners with a stack of books. He offers book review services to the passers-by. After hearing his reviews, if they become intrigued enough to want to read the book, the passers-by then pay Philani for his book.

He is passionate about reading. And at first glance he does not appear homeless, or at least I didn’t automatically think he was. By the video alone, without reading the article associated with it, I thought he was a young man desiring to share with the camera what reading can do for us and our young.

Enjoy and please share :)

Visit 101 Books here for their article on Philani.

P.S. >> If you’d like to donate to Philani and help sponsor more books for him, contact South African director, Tebogo Malope, who conducted the interview with Philani.



April 30 – Children’s Day | Book Day

Hello friends!

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Yesterday was Children’s Day – Book Day! Did you do anything fun and exciting with your kids yesterday? What did you read with them? What will you be reading with them today? I would love for you to share! Comment below :)


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Is it a Requirement for your Children to Read Everyday?

Reading is a FUNdamental way to relieve stress, pass the time of mundane activities, like commuting and waiting to board a flight, and it’s even a way to relax, enjoy alone time and of course, a method of learning. AND the best part about it – it’s FREE!! Go to your local public library, sign up for a FREE library card… then enjoy :)


A lot of libraries let you check out up to 10 books! So go ahead, indulge!